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Current Issue

April-June 2021| Vol 23| Issue 2

Review Article

Frontal sinus cranialization using pericranial flap: Experience in thirty cases

Introduction: Cranialization of the frontal sinuses has become a widely accepted treatment choice for the most challenging types of frontal sinus fractures, complicated mucoceles and mucopyoc...

Original Article

Validation of the arabic version of parental expectation questionnaire among cochlear implant recipients

Objectives: The cochlear implant (CI) recipients and their families form an integral part of the CI team. The decision about CI is challenging for parents and their support is essential durin...

Original Article

Measles-induced hearing loss: Pattern, diagnosis, and prevention among children in Ekiti State, Southwest Nigeria

Background: Measles-induced hearing loss is an otologic tragedy. In this study, we looked into the hypothesis that measles-induced hearing loss may exhibit specific pattern the knowledge of w...

Original Article

A comparative study of conventional curettage adenoidectomy versus endoscopic microdebrider-assisted adenoidectomy in children

Introduction: Adenoid hypertrophy or chronic adenoiditis may cause significant problems requiring adenoidectomy. Patients with chronic adenoid hypertrophy causing craniofacial morphology prob...

Case Report

Nasopharynx harboring ingested foreign bodies: Two case reports

Foreign bodies are not uncommon in the aerodigestive tract, especially in children. However, the nasopharynx is an infrequent and unusual site for the impaction of an ingested foreign body as the di...

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