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Current Issue

January-June 2020| Vol 22| Issue 1

Review Article

Factors affecting outcomes of injection laryngoplasty: A systematic review

Vocal cord palsy is a common reason for visiting an otolaryngologist. In cases of unilateral involvement, patients primarily present with recurrent choking and aspiration, breathy voice, and inabili...

Original Article

The association between age-related sensorineural hearing loss and saccular dysfunction in the elderly

Introduction: Presbycusis or age-related sensorineural hearing loss (ARSNHL) is a complex disorder that results in a slow deterioration in auditory function. A considerable high number of the...

Original Article

A comparative study of thyroid surgery with and without a microscope

Introduction: The purpose of this prospective study was to evaluate microsurgical thyroidectomy by comparing it with traditional thyroidectomy. Material and Method: Before surgery, pat...

Original Article

Prevalence of cochlear dead regions in hearing-impaired patients

Objective: The aim is to study the prevalence of dead regions in the cochlea in hearing-impaired patients with different audiometric configurations and to study the speech discrimination scor...

Original Article

Do filters and pose in selfies have an effect on cosmetic procedures

Background: Filters and pose in selfies are becoming popular in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, there appears to be an increasing demand for cosmetic procedures in this country, suggesting th...

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